Santa and A Trip To The Mall

We took the kids to see Santa today and get their pictures taken with him. This year we went to see Santa at a local credit union instead of the mall or shopping center. It worked out much better, free pictures, and the kids were able to actually chat with Santa for a bit.

After seeing Santa we took Abigayle to the mall to get her some new shoes. We had intended to visit one of the discount shoe stores to buy her some sneakers. Unfortunately they only had two pair in her size, both $15. One pair was too ugly. The other was poorly stitched and had excess glue around the sole. We ended up visiting a real shoe store and buying a pair of Reebok shoes on sale for $20. Thomas also bought me a pair of New Balance shoes for $60.

We finished the day by having lunch at a pizza buffet. Total time out and about, nearly 5 hours. We're tired and the kids a bit cranky.